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       Thank you for visiting 5earfit.com. Unfortunately, we are closed due to COVID-19 and the Florida Executive Order 20-71 set forth by Governor Desantis on 3/20/2020. Click here to read the Executive Order. Please check back periodically for updates and announcements. 
         In the meantime, we welcome you to request access to our private Facebook group, 5th Gear Fitness Home Workouts, and we will add you to the group so you can exercise with us either LIVE or on REPLAY while we all are on STAY-AT-HOME status. Jessica and I look forward to serving you with superior virtual fitness experiences very soon.

Get Fit & Stay Healthy,

Gretchen & Jessica

5th Gear Fitness owners

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Why 5th Gear Fitness?
...Because we know your fitness and health are a priority!

  • You want personal attention, direction, solutions, and encouragement.
  • You want experienced trainers who care about your goals, your progress, your individual concerns, and your whole fitness.
  • You want proven practices, diversity and convenience.

At 5th Gear Fitness we strive to educate each person about biohackingto optimize fitness and health from the inside out through training, consultation, and motivation.

*biohacking: v., using science and technology to become the absolute best version of yourself

Install the Glofox app on Google Play Store or IOS App Store and then search for 5th Gear Fitness.

Before joining 5th Gear I tried many different workout studios in the Tampa Bay area. 5th Gear is unique, it has top notch trainers, state of the art equipment and effective workout classes. The trainers continually challenge me, taking me out of my comfort zone to redefine my limits. I will highly recommend this gym regardless [of] your fitness level.

Fiona Johnson - 5th Gear Fitness Member Since 2016

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